About us

Who we are

We develop, produce and market seed half-products.

History & mission

S+dB was founded at the end of 2014 by two engineers with a long business development track record in the converting industry. On a return flight from Barcelona the idea was born for S+dB’s business model: Introducing existing production technologies to new market areas, hence as a basis for product innovation. Being based in the Netherlands it was a pretty obvious choice to select the local dynamic agricultural market; more specifically the seed industry. Our production processes are novel to the agricultural world but are well-known by the founders and their network.
The name S+dB is the Dutch abbreviation of the old English fairytale Jack and the Beanstalk. With this in mind our mission can be appropriately described as follows: To develop “magic” products with superior seed germination by using production methods that are a “wonder” to the growers community.

Management team & investors

The two founders started full-time with S+dB at the start of 2016 after receiving financial backing from a regional investment fund, called Limburg Business Development Fund (http://www.lbdf.nl). LBDF makes equity investments in outstanding start-up businesses and is managed on a day-to-day level by the LIOF, the executive body for the Dutch Province of Limburg, based in Maastricht. S+dB is one of the first investments of LBDF’s Seed Fund, typical investment industries are: Agro-food, Logistics, High Tech Systems, Chemicals & Materials, Smart Services and Life Sciences. LBDFs venture capital will allows us to grow from a start-up to a sustainable company.
Since mid-2016 we also have an Angel Investor participating in the company who has more than with 25 years of experience with seed enhancing technologies and a world-wide network.

Collaboration & patents

We are a product/process-development focused company seeking collaboration with partners to accelerate sales and marketing of our seed-embedding technology. Due to the founders extensive experience and expertise we have been able to build business relationships with many leading international partners. Alongside, among others, the HAS University of Applied Sciences our initial focus is developing products for specific markets with all kind of grass seeds.
The properties we are focusing on are general growth improvement, precise seed distribution, water & nutrient use efficiency and abiotic stress tolerance (drought, cold/wet). Collaboration possibilities range from field testing of our current concepts, as well as any intermediate projects. New combinations of raw materials are constantly being evaluated to enhance horticulture crop production and maintain product performance. Other crops of interest for collaboration include many vegetable seeds, wild flowers, rice, green roof vegetation & herbs. Alongside random seed distribution our process also allows seeds to be accurately placed at the required row and in-row spacing.
S+dB has pending patent applications for our unique production process, as well as many patent ideas for other agricultural applications.