Research & Development

Innovation founded on proven process technology.

When designing new concepts at S+dB we always have the objective in mind to establish seed beds in an easier, more efficient and more effective way. This is in line with the manufacturing philosophy of converting processes; combine raw materials to create new products with a higher value than its individual components.
Consciously we are introducing our “novel” production methods to an industry with a context that is eager for innovation. There are many challenging global issues seeking a solution and therefore the industry has numerous marketing opportunities. The most challenging issues are:

Food & feed scarcity

The world’s population is predicted to hit 9 billion by 2050, up from today’s total of nearly 7 billion, and with, it food demand is predicted to increase substantially. A convergence of factors has made food security one of the most important global issues. The United Nations estimates that the world will have to produce 60% more food by 2050 and they believe that animal protein production will grow even more – meats will double, as well as dairy, and fish production will almost triple by 2050.

Farming land scarcity

Growers have many challenges to grow a wide variety of crops on less land, under vastly different climatical conditions. An increasing population demands more food and therefore soil quality needs to improve and farm land erosion prevented, avoiding deserfication. Many used agrochemicals - fertilizers, pesticides & weed killers - are toxic, and may pose significant environmental and health risks. In many countries, use of agrochemicals is highly regulated or even banned.

Fresh water scarcity

Water is the driving force of all nature, unfortunately for our planet, supplies are now running dry. Agriculture already accounts for about 70% of global freshwater withdrawals to keep up with current food demand. The United Nations estimates that half of the world’s population will live in areas of high water stress by the year 2030. It is difficult to have a thriving economy when fresh water is not easily accessible for industrial, farming, and individual use. In many countries water conservation initiatives are being implemented.

S+dB is devoted to developing solutions through enhanced seed germination. We thrive on partnerships and collaborations with like-minded people who are fellow-believers that making half-products with seed can play a major role in improving the establishment of agricultural crops. We do our best at finding effective answers to sustainable production of more food, feed, fiber, and fuel. It is our overall ambition to have the ability to innovate a complete protection solution against various biotic stresses in a single seed product. It is our belief that this battle of most grower-friendly, crop-friendly and environment-friendly innovation is the one key strategy to follow in the seed treatment market.
S+dB’s process technology that can be easily combined with existing seed enhancement methods like priming, per-germination, film-coating, encrusting and of course plant breeding.