At S+dB we enhance all type of plant seeds to improve seed germination, seedling establishment, seed handling & sowing. These favorable properties are generated by combining seeds with other raw materials like fabrics, binder resins, additives and by also developing robust, consistent and cost-effective manufacturing processes. In our production all the raw materials are combined in a continuous process that end with the making of roll-goods that contain the relevant seeds with the proper distribution.

Our converted seed products reduces the effect of nature’s bio-stresses, boosts the seed vigor and guarantees uniform growing crops with a strong root foundation, even under challenging environmental conditions.

Confronted with the global issues of rapid population growth, continued malnutrition, climate volatility and dwindling exploitable resources, S+dB is devoted to developing solutions through enhanced crop productivity.


When designing new concepts at S+dB we always have the objective in mind to establish seed beds in a simpler, more efficient and more effective way…


All our products are designed with similar beneficial properties in mind to make sure that there is a clear need for our offering…


All processes are suited to high speed roll-to-roll processing…